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Ethnic Options

Ethnic and Repatriation Specialists

Religious and cultural needs can be fulfilled by us so you’re secure that funeral planning matches your needs. We have dedicated staff serving several of Sydney’s Ethnic Communities.

If you are wanting to send a loved one overseas to their home, we have internal specialists with extensive experience.

If you are wanting to organise to send your loved one overseas, back home to their place of birth, we have internal specialists with extensive global experience. Our staff speak more than 10 different languages. We have access to a large network of funeral directors around the world offering best practice.

Many families have been relieved that we have been able to help them with their requests, no matter how difficult it may seem to them. We have successfully repatriated loved ones from areas affected by natural disasters. Families have also asked us to return their loved ones to countries affected by internal conflict.

Phone our one of our International Repatriation Specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on (02) 9557 2873.

Our specialist, Mark, speaks Serbian, Montenegran and Macedonian. Call him on 0417 285 728.

Alfred is a Mandarin and Cantonese speaker. Call him on 0408 546 670.

Our Portuguese-speaking specialist, Mark, can be contacted on (02) 9913 8109.