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Pre Planning Options

Top 5 reasons for pre-paying your funeral

In our experience, the top five reasons people pre-pay their funeral include:
1. Financial benefits – fixed at today’s prices.
2. Removes burden on your family
3. Peace of mind
4. Secure investment through a friendly society
5. You control how your funeral should be


Our friendly staff have helped thousands of Australians over the years to work out cost effective solutions for pre-paid funerals.

For many, pre-planning a funeral is part of being organised in retirement.

How much could you save by pre-paying your funeral?

Use the calculator below to estimate how much you could save on rising funeral costs, if you pre-pay today. In 2015, one Victorian government authority predicted funeral costs to rise by 6% annually at least until 2019. The costs of a funeral rises greater than CPI because of higher labour and property costs.

When using the calculator, it is best to enter your Age and Life Expectancy and Expected Funeral Costs in the text box to the right of the slider. When making any changes to the numbers entered, remember to click the “Get Results” button.

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• Remove the financial and emotional burden of leaving arrangements with your family.
• Ensure your choices for the service are respected.
• Monies securely invested through independent funeral funds.
• Save money on rising funeral costs.

Some people are able to pay upfront in full. Others prefer to pay in small instalments.

Yes. If you are wanting to ensure your choices about a funeral are remembered, you may wish to simply pre-plan your funeral, without also paying for it.